Growth Marketing:

A three year old startup had recently found product/market fit, and requested help in developing a comprehensive marketing strategy. We identified and executed website optimizations and leveraging of new sales channels. As a result of a six month engagement, Year over Year sales volume grew by 10x, which subsequently led to a multi-million dollar investment by a top tier venture capital fund.

Email Automation:

One of the nation’s most popular online anti-smoking programs uses email updates to help people quit, and we supported this component of the program through their weekly newsletter and automated emails. In addition, we developed email templates and a sophisticated behaviorally responsive email campaign to reactivate users. In that campaign, users received a message asking if they had quit. Depending on their answer, and subsequent interactions with the website (via an API between the website and email program), a comprehensive series of customized emails were sent to follow up and help people quit smoking. The emails helped increase key performance indicators (KPIs) by over 200%.

Data Analysis:

The senior leadership at a highly trafficked website kept a close eye on their online KPIs, and requested our help to better understand how site changes and advertising were impacting site performance. Prior to major site renovations, we added custom tracking to identify how users were interacting with the new site functionality, then conducted analysis of behavior after the updates launched, and iteratively updated the functionality to improve KPIs. In addition to acting as primary author for comprehensive monthly reports where we integrated analytics with data points from the client’s other vendors, we also moderated monthly analytics conference calls in which key client staff listened to our analysis and recommendations. As a result of our support, the client saw dramatic increases in advertising and web development ROI.

Website Performance Dashboard:

This client understood that timely knowledge of website usage could help them respond more quickly to potential marketing opportunities, and asked for assistance in developing an automated dashboard that would provide actionable insights into website usage. Through discussion with stakeholders we established which metrics provided insight into strategic objectives, and then implemented an automated custom dashboard in Google Analytics. In addition, automated email alerts were set up to provide immediate insight into potential opportunities (such as sudden growth in traffic referred from other websites) or risks (sharp decrease in daily visitors).

Advocacy Campaigns:

One of the nation’s largest hunger fighting nonprofit required a highly nuanced strategy for engaging their advocates. We managed email campaigns from start to finish, brainstorming, copywriting and coding emails with the extremely short turnaround time needed to take advantage of legislative opportunities. In addition, we developed an evergreen program for on-boarding new advocates by asking them to email their Member of Congress, asking them to visit a food bank. As a result of this campaign, dozens of House Members and Senators have visited their local food banks, allowing the client to strengthen their relationship with legislators.

Data Migration:

In their RFP, an association budgeted 40-60 hours to update membership records through their CRM’s back end as part of a software migration. After conducting an audit of their system, a series of database manipulations were used to complete the migration in under a day.

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