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A Proven Process

1. Strategy

We find the channels to reach your core constituencies, and the marketing funnels that will most effectively convert them.


2. Implementation

We improve your site analytics to comprehensively track Key Performance Indicators and optimize your website to help achieve your goals.

Data Analysis

4. Data Analysis

After evaluating impact, we iterate and run new tests to further improve bottom line metrics.

A/B Testing

3. A/B Testing

Hypotheses are tested to examine impact on your KPIs.


Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy and Implementation

You may have a great product, but you need a strong marketing program in order to get the word out and nurture your leads to the point they're ready to say YES!

Data Analysis

Analytics Customization and Data Analysis

"Only what is measured can be managed."
Every business needs to be tracking key performance indicators. We can help you customize your analytics to track what really matters, including dashboards, alerts and integration with Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and other tools.



Building effective advertising campaigns requires effective copy, but that's just the start. You also need to be targetting the right audiences, and measuring campaigns to ensure you're allocating your marketing budget across channels.

A/B Testing

Conversion Rate Optimization

Small changes can lead to big improvements in your conversion rate. Imagine if you could make a small adjustment to your website that increased your revenue by 20%. With A/B testing, you can often find that a few small changes can dramatically improve the performance of your website.


National Cathedral


The team at Piercing Digital has limitless energy, a depth of creativity and the digital savvy to get the job done. Every dollar spent, in our experience, is a dollar that results in more sales, more visibility and more results.
I struggled for several years to scale outreach for Netcito, and after working with Piercing Digital for just a few months we were able to build out an integrated advertising and engagement strategy that was able to generate a scalable pipeline of quality leads. If you're trying to figure out how to grow your business, I strongly recommend reaching out to them.
Piercing Digital knows digital marketing. From funnel creation to a/b testing, they know how to build campaigns that are rooted in ROI. We've worked with Piercing for almost 3 years and value their partnership.

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